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Low Profile Mag Flare for SIG P320 AXG


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SIG P320 AXG compatible mag flare, or mag funnel or magwell, call it what you like.

Select Material option for Nylon Polymer or Aluminum 6065-T6

What Nylon Polymer? - Let's face it not all of use use the mag flare for competition matches, some of us like them cause they complete the look of the frame. The Nylon Polymer will be strong enough to work 100% but won't take the insane beating of the aluminum version will take during fast pass hard slamming 3 gun USPS or action pistol completion matches. And at half the price its a great option for most! For added strength the nylon version is thicker and rounded out to add rigidity.

Should I choose Aluminum? - Do you shoot completion matches with your P320 AXG? Do you shoot Milsim or take intense training classes with your P320 AXG? if yes to either then go aluminum. Or ig you just like the premium feel of the aluminum then that's the way to go.

Tools for installation not included, gun owners should own a set of standard hex/Allen keys.