Production Samples Round 2

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The Mag Feeder Ar-15 Speed Loader

We have the 2nd round of production samples in hand and assembled, and have been testing for fit and function. Exciting!

The second round of samples show a major improvement! Most notably the improved polymer we went with! I am very happy with the quality in which these turned out and look forward to getting them in your range bags!

With only minor changes this will be the last round of samples before our first production run! We have submitted a Purchase Order to the manufacture which puts us in line on the injection mold machine for a tentative June 1 run! 

Following receiving the first production parts we will be assembling and shipping in batches as stated before so stay tuned and make sure is not being filtered to spam so we can reach out to you for any order inquires.


The Mag Feeder Sample v2 Speed loader

The Mag Feeder AR-15 Speed Loader



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