The Mag Feeder was born out of a personal need to bring a full 30 round magazine loader with me to the range for competition or just plinking in the desert.

Upon researching what the market already had to offer I found the designs and portability to be lacking. I had the choice of a large wood block that for sure would have to stay on my work bench or a polymer loader that couldn't justify the price or for its features.

Speed loader

At that point I decided to design & 3D-print my own. After designing and printing the first small piece to verify fit and function I continued to design and print several iterations. Ending on a design I thought would work I printed the full version and assuming that was the end of the project. Family and friends started to want one so I figure out how much it would cost to print and assemble them and the price was just too high. Further insight led to looking into mass production.

At this point I decided to attend Gun Shows as a vendor to see if the design I just patented would be of any interest or if family and friends were just being nice to my face. 30 round magazine loader
After the first show the doubts had fled and I was all in. I got straight away to meeting with local manufactures and getting design feedback for the injection molding process. Again, more designing and printing and several iterations later we have the final product. Or the close to final product as this one is still 3D printed, just done by a professional high end machine.

The Mag Feeder overcomes all the shortcomings of other products. It is able to load .223, 5.56, & 300 blackout between 1-30 rounds at a time. It securely holds all AR15 magazines so your not pushing against yourself when feeding the mag. It is also designed so that the natural arching shape of the rounds is arched away from the users body so that arm slides in a more natural motion. Because I love magnets and tidiness I have placed magnets throughout The Mag Feeder body to keep it from getting tangled in your range bag or ammo box, they also hold the pusher block from falling out. High-five for Magnets! 

portable magazine loaderFinding myself constantly loosing count of the number of rounds I had in my magazine I added the 10-20-30 round markings with 5 rounds sub markings. The big change is that The Mag Feeder folds in half, yeah in half and stays folded with the magnets.

The Mag Feeder will be injection molded in the United States out of quality nylon infused polymer to ensure strength and rigidity for years of use.