Production Update - 6/1/18

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End of week update. We fine running the magnet choices, apparently not all neodymium magnets are created equal, we have enough on hand for the initial orders but since we have time to get the strong(er) magnets to keep the "Spoon", or pusher block, in the tray we may as well make this the best magazine loader ever!

As far as timeline the manufacturer is still on track to receive the raw materials this month and run the first production run. We are currently designing and printing shop tools, brackets, etc to make assembly more efficient. We are also finalizing the retail packaging design and partnering with several companies to offer exclusive discounts on ammo, targets, and other shooting and EDC gear to be included in all our preorders.

The next two weeks we will be attending the local guns shows to further get our product and name out there and show the community the production samples we have and how close we are to launch.

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