Takedown Tool for SIG P320
Takedown Tool for SIG P320
Takedown Tool for SIG P320
Takedown Tool for SIG P320
Takedown Tool for SIG P320

Takedown Tool for SIG P320


This is the Takedown Tool for the Sig P320 - the design came from my need to takedown my cerakoted P320 and then others saw this tool and wanted one and even added features like the keychain hole (Thanks Alex!) and the tolerance for Gen1 takedown levers (Thanks Ben!) as well as a take down lever punch and FCU removal device (watch the video below).

If you have a cerakoted frame or aftermarket frame or even the 80% FCU tolerances can be tighter than normal and using a metal punch to rotate your takedown lever is a bad idea, yeah did that- never again!

This will work with any P320 frame and has been tested on standard, X frames, Icarus frames, Flux Defense Raider chassis, test on gen1 and gen2 takedown levers (if unfamiliar no worries you have a gen2) but not the Armory Craft takedown lever (shape is very different).

Want Paracord: I prefer mine with about a palms length of paracord to use as sort of handle, and to also easily clip it to my other tools or key chain. Colors available are Black, ODG, FDE, & Orange ( about 30" of paracord included ) - Paracord tied by one of my sons as I teach them to work to earn money and not to live off the system. Paracord will be loosely QC'ed as I teach them to have pride in what they do, you may want to re-tie the paracord if you find the knots are not aligned to as tight as you want. Thanks for supporting me in teaching my kids to earn their way.

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