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Charging Handle for Sig Sauer P320
Charging Handle for Sig Sauer P320
Charging Handle for Sig Sauer P320

Charging Handle for Sig Sauer P320


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7/19/21 - Parts have been QC'ed and are in the queue to be anodized locally, I will be dropping parts off in person on 7/20/21 and have been quoted a 3 weeks lead with no ability to rush the order, so I can't pay more to get them done any faster...sad...but I will take quality over a rush job. 3 weeks from 7/20 gets us to 8/10 plus 2-3 days for sight install, which must be done after anodizing, puts us at a ship date of 8/16/21 --- Man I wish I could get these to you soon! thanks again everyone for the preorders and for sticking with us! More details and pics open our

7/16/21 - AHHH! Manufacturer underestimated time frame and was delayed again by 2 weeks, I bit my tung trying not to rip their professionalism apart... but that never helps the situation. The Good News is we skipped using them for the delayed anodizing they probably couldn’t do on time and have all the parts in the shop as of today! Getting them anodized locally and ready to ship...stay tuned. Estimated ship date delayed...but will try to hit it regardless off this snag...

7/5/21 - Parts are in anodizing (type III Hard coat), this means 2 weeks till we get them and 3 days for us to install the sight and package. Our estimated ship date will be July 22, 2021.

6/24/21Samples arrived and passed tests for fit and function. Look and feel amazing! Only issues found are the sight hole wasn’t centered so we should hear back on getting that dialed in shortly. Still expecting full order to arrive end of June. With a  few added weeks for annodization and sight install.

6/18/21 - Samples near ready and shipping to TD on 6/21/21 with promise of all ordered parts by end on June, pending samples are made to specifications.

6/11/21 - Machine shop delayed, now promising 6/18/21 sample ship date.

5/21/21 - Machine shop estimates 6/9/21 ship date. That means at best we get the sample parts that day and run them thru function tests, no major design changes. Machinist did relay the fact that they know they are behind and are working to get the samples to us sooner. Once approved the machine shop goes into full production, about 4 weeks later I should have them and do sight install and shipping. Sight install should only take 1-2 days, package then ship.

4/13/21 - Preorder ended 

3/31/21 - Preorder goes live


Machine shop estimates 4-6 weeks, but I know there will be delays so I estimate 2-3 months for a quality product, if it would not be happy running this on my Raider then I will not sell it too you. Address can be changed at any time. You're free to cancel your order at any time.

We will harvest your email and spam you with any delays, just kidding we hate spam but we will post to our socials and here with delays and updates.

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A side charging handle for the Sig Sauer P320. When your P320 undergoes the ultimate upgrade of joining the Flux Defense Raider Brace this side charging handle adds many function features without taking away your front iron sight (charging handle aligns with the Sig #6 sights )

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  • Made in America
  • Aluminum 6061-T6 - Black Hardcoat annodized
  • Works on all factory and aftermarket P320 slides
  • Doesn’t change the manual of arms, rack slide with hand or charge with handle
  • Integrated front night sight 
  • Pull-to-Charge: Ergonomic design for racking the slide
  • Pinch-to-Charge: rack slide by pinching front of slide
  • Slap-to-Seat: Ergonomic design for forward assist (slide not in battery, slap to seat)
  • Allows easy one handed operation of slide and slide lock
  • Drop back design to keep fingers safely behind muzzle