Q: When will item 'X' be restocked?

A: As a company we try not to let things go out of stock but we are subject to manufactures delays, shipping delays and therefore try out best to keep things in stock, when something does go out of stock be assured we are already working on restocking. Please don't waste our time having to responding to you message asking when it will be available, subscribe to the alert and keep calm.

Q: What Calibers and rifles will The Mag Feeder work for?

A: The AR-15 platform cambered in .223, 5.56, or 300 blackout. More calibers and rifles to come...

Q: What is The Mag Feeder be made out of?

A: A high straight glass filled ABS polymer to match or exceed high grade magazines currently on the market. 

Q: Will it fold itself and put itself in an ammo box like the animated picture?

A: No, sorry no motors or sky hooks to make it do anything on its own...but maybe one day.