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 The Mag Feeder

The Mag Feeder is the only 30 round AR-15 magazine loader that fits in an ammo box. This type of portability hasn’t been seen in the AR-15 magazine speed loader market. With many similarities to other offerings The Mag Feeder has a few design changes:

  • Folds in half to use less space when stored or carried
  • 100% made in America
  • Mag retained by mil-spec mag catch, thus working with all magazines
    • This makes feeding the magazine much easier as you’re not pushing against the strength of your other hand as the mag is securely held in place
  • Magnetic retained parts and assembly
  • Slide the spoon (pusher block) out to add 2 rounds for Daniel Defense mags, or more for other aftermarket extensions.


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Q: How will the Mag Feeder Ship?

A: The Mag Feeder ships in the packaging your received minus the ammo can and ammo. But that package will be available shortly.


Q: Where was The Mag Feeder made?

A: While some companies go thru foreign markets to produce the tooling and have the injection molding done in the USA in order to claim the title ‘Made in USA” The Mag Feeders tooling, injection molding, assembly, fulfilment are all done in the USA.


Q: What is The Mag Feeder Made out of?

A: After testing several polymers we choose to a high strength ABS with a 20% glass fill to add rigidity.