The Good, The Bad, and The Updates

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The Good:

Huge step, for me! I got my funding and paid the deposit to have The Mag Feeder injection mold (tooling) made, locally in the USA!!! Hurray! - Trying my best to celebrate the little victories and enjoy the journey.

As stated in an earlier update, I am not relying on preorders to make The Mag Feeder happen. I have taken out a loan to get the process moving as I believe in The Mag Feeder and the great features it brings to the shooting experience. But, your funds and support are greatly appreciated and I would like to express how grateful I am!!! You guys rock!!

The Bad:

So, the 30 day quote from the manufacture was expired when I paid the tooling deposit. Which means all estimated values on the quote are subject to change. Luckily the price didn't change, but the manufacturers work load has increased so his quoted timeline has changed, and thus the expected ship date will have to move. 

I tried to pay more to bump my tooling up in the queue but as a business professional that would make them look bad for their other I am left with pushing the ship date back. The manufacture has now estimated finishing the tooling mid-to-late February. Given molding initial units and assembly time, that would push the expected ship date to late March.

The Updates:

Total website update! Improved pictures of the latest prototype and a more functional look and feel. 

Also, planning to have a few extra goodies available for shipping, now that I will have a bit more time before the tooling will be done. So stay tuned for those feature updates and follow us on social media to help vote and contribute to new patch/sticker/product designs.

To wrap this up, I am continuing to develop The Mag Feeder and make it the best magazine loader on the market! With a few timeline setbacks you can be assured we will be bringing the best product to the market and to your range experience. 

magazine loader timeline update


magazine loader manufacturing ship date timeline

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