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The Preorder sale of The Mag Feeder will extend the duration of the time the tooling takes to be made in America. Yes, I could have gone to China or Mexico at this point and completed the tooling and started manufacturing The Mag Feeder, but I feel like if every company sells out then who is left to keep America turning. Not saying that my one little act to hold out for American tooling will forever save the American economy but if more companies used this logic it would make a difference.

Of course, we all buy things made in China, Taiwan, etc., even me. Lets just not sell out completely. Working in the tech market I have interviewed for jobs that had been outsourced only to find out the outsourced data was being held 'hostage' for higher rates. This company was in a hiring frenzy to get talented workers in their empty buildings in order to train them and bring their data and expertise back to US soil. 

Perhaps my goal to have The Mag Feeder made in America is just that, a safety net to keep our IP from being overseas and held 'hostage'. But either way I believe in the America industry and the benefits if brings to Americans and America.

While there is this gap of time for manufacturing you can be assured we are giving the final touches on the design as well as designing the next caliber Mag Feeder..hint..hint..cause why not! 

Have a wonderful Christmas and exceptional New Year!

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  • Brad, I wanted to pick up one of your mag feeders at the show yesterday but ran out of funds. I was hoping l could still pick one up from you for the $40.00 CASH!!! I live in Sandy, is there sometime and somewhere l can meet you and pick one up? Please let me know when and where. Thx Brad. You can either call me or text at 801-808-1120

  • SO being a person whom has pre ordered / paid for one of these new products, when do you expect that we will see them begin shipping? We were originally told in August that it would be January. Is that still the case?

    Brad M on

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