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Production Update - We are in production!

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Keeping in constant contact with the manufacturer this week in regards to the receiving the raw materials, Thursday they let me know they got the materials in and would be ‘shooting’ our mold on Friday. This is great news!

To avoid any more delays Friday afternoon I headed to the manufacturers shop to give the final approval on the parts as they came off the machine and give the go ahead to start the first production run! What this means is come Monday afternoon I should have enough parts to fulfill all preorders! 

What this doesn’t mean is you will be getting your order on Monday...I need time to assemble the parts. I have the hinges cut and the ‘magnet polarity alignment tool’ made and tested (pictured).

 Mag feeder magazine loader magnet alignment tool  Mag feeder magazine loader magnet alignment tool

So as this week comes and goes we will have more details on how many we assembled each day and when you should expect your order to ship. So stay tuned and check you order status on our site to verify you have the correct shipping address entered.

But the main take away is that we are assembling and shipping our first units within days!!!

The mag feeder magazine loader

2nd Ammendment magazine loader pre-order The Mag Feeder timeline

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