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Another update already! We received 330 units from the manufacturer yesterday and have begun assembling! So excited!

With all the prep we have done and the help we have we are pushing thru assembly. From the estimated numbers we got nearly completed in one night I would say it is safe to estimate about 50 units will be ready for shipping each week if not more but erring on the safe side.

We are finalizing all the packaging and shipping logistic and preparing for our first shipment to go out this Thursday! Stay tuned for an update on which order numbers will be sent, order #1000-10XX

mag feeder assemblymag feeder assemblymag feeder assembly

Thanks again for your support and can't wait to get these to you and in your hands!!

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  • Nice to here Brad. Thank you for your updates. Didn’t realize your orders started at 1000. Been waiting for a long time (order 1002) and am eager to get my hands on this. Once again thank you for keeping us updated.

    Dustin on
  • Nice!! If orders start at 1000, my brother and I will be some of the the first souls to receive! can’t wait!!!!

    Marcos Morales on

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