Production Updates - April 19, 2018

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On my recent visit to the manufacturers shop on April 17th, I was able to see the updated progress on the tooling. Pictured is the near complete injection mold that will be capable of creating over 100,000 units. The mold is relatively complex and requires actuated motors to move pieces in order to automate the creation of the parts.

speed loader tooling

From this recent visit, the manufacture feels that we will have samples back within the coming week or two. We also discussed timeline, as we are all anxious to get our hands on the finished product. But because of the tedious process and complexity of the mold, the manufacture is not giving any definite dates at this point. Once we get the test samples, we are certain that there will need to be some changes that need to happen to achieve a quality, perfect product. So we are trying our best to adjust our eager expectation and quick timelines we originally hoped for. 

After we receive the working parts, and before the units can be shipped, there will be some assembly time. We are fully set up, stocked with parts on hand, and ready on our end to assemble and ship the finished product to you. 

speed loader tooling 

But the hard facts are that we are at the mercy of the manufacture, their timeline, diligence and communication in creating a working mold for us. This is where the time continues to be extended in getting the finalized product and shipping it to you. So, my deepest apologies on the long wait to get your hands on your own, personal Mag Feeder. We truly value you and your patience through this process. 

Please stay tuned for regular updates as things are progressing. And as always, thank you for your continued support and commitment to us. We really value you and your business!

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  • Brad,
    We need more frequent updates! I checked the ship date timeline and it still indicates March 27, 2018. We are now well over a month past that date.
    Please be blunt and as the previous commentor said “you seem to be habitually over promising and under delivering with your updates”.
    When can we honestly expect shipping to begin?

    Joe on
  • Brad,

    You need to be providing more regular updates. It is now May 2nd. We should be receiving bi-weekly updates even if it’s just to say that there is no new updates at the moment.

    I eagerly await your product but you seem to be habitually over promising and under delivering with your updates.

    This example is why I never invest in crowdfunding. I took a chance and thus far the experience has lived up to my expectations.


    Jason on

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