Production Update - Tooling is Done but not Finished!

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speed loader injection molded sample

The manufacturer has produced 10 units for quality, fit, and functional testing. This is to say the mold (the injection mold or tooling) is done but will undergo the necessary tweaks that will be discovered before it is finished and ready to do a first production run.

The 10 samples produced show a few small cosmetic issues and a fitment issues that are being resolved. With the samples we are optimizing the assembly and testing for design/manufacturing flaws. This is the phase many fail to run product tests and end up finalizing a design that is later discovered to be flawed after they have initiated the first production run. So, we are taking this time to test for strength, making sure that heat, cold and other elements, like gun lube or solvents, wont have any adverse effects on the finalized Mag Feeder. But we are pushing forward with so much excitment as we can a fulfillment date rapidly approaching!

ar15 mag feeder

Now that we have working injection molded product so much pressure has been taken off our shoulders in regards to what could cause a delay or failure in this process. We still strive to deliver a quality product and are pushing forward with the next steps of in the process. Specifically we are finalizing our shop space to optimize assembly and cutting the hinge pins to save on time for final assembly, ordering stronger magnets and the above mentioned product testing.

As always we thank that you for your support and hope your as excited to see The Mag Feeder come to life as we are. We can't wait to get this to your door to hear your feedback and make your range experience more enjoyable!

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  • Can I order one of those prototypes and provide feedback? Kinda like a beta tester

    Lee Graham on

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