The Mag Feeder is in the Tooling Phase!

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As February approached I have been half dreading the call to the I assumed the timeline would be bumped and I would have to tell all the great people that have preordered that the ship date is slipping again! 

But, when Monday the 5th rolled around I got a call on my drive to work from the manufacturer with great news! He proceeded to inform me that they are beginning the tooling for the mold on The Mag Feeder. I was so excited I could have crashed and died and it wouldn't have ruined my day (ok maybe just a little)! 

So we planned a time to meet and work out any looming details and later that day I was at his office getting pictures of the process...ok so right now it was just a chuck of aluminum but its the best looking chuck of aluminum I have ever seen! 

From here we have 4 weeks of tooling, a few back and forth samples and adjustments then a full production run. With a realistic view we are looking at the end of March....Stay tuned for more updates as things progress!

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