The Mag Feeder is Shipping Everyday!

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With enough parts to fulfill all the preorders we have set up a work flow for assembly, quality control, and packaging so that we are shipping nearly everyday.

the mag feeder magazine speed loader

We have found that many orders do not have shipping addresses. This is most likely due to the free local pickup. If you placed an order January 6th we offered local pickup at the gunshow and you may need to check your email or text messages. You may need to also check your spam folder for or and respond if a response is needed.

Faster assembly time achieved! - With each stage of assembly being scrutinized and optimized for a better flow we came to the one area of concern, the hinge pin. we have been manually hammering each pin, which has to be 100% straight both orientation and hammering. This quickly proved to be the new bottle neck in assembly.  While assembling last week a friend, Jessie, came to help assemble and mentioned I might try an Arbor Press to press in the hinge pins. 

Arbor Press is successful! I did 3D print a rig to hold all the parts in the press but thanks to the feedback from Jesse we should be able to fulfill more orders per week now!

the mag feeder assembly

Other than that we are doing all we can to continually optimize the flow of assembly to get more order fulfilled.

magazine loader manufacturing pre-order ship date The Mag Feeder timeline

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