Shipping The First Batch!

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Today...June 21st, we have assembled and shipped our first batch of orders. In total we dropped off 49 packages to be sent out. I can't give a range of which order numbers as some orders included Hexmag magazines or the Gear Slinger from 3VGear and those orders will go out next as I get the magazines in stock and the packs. We also don't have the packaging for the orders of 10 units that we received so those will also be sent out next week. These slightly delayed orders due to supplies will not be forgotten or left till last they will just hang at the front of the fulfillment line till all the parts/supplies are available.

the mag feeder magazine loader function test

Ok! So with that I wanted to reach out again and say thank you to all! Check the back of the packaging as you get your package in and take advantage of the coupon codes I was able to get from other 2nd Amendment companies. I tried to get a bit of everything from steel targets to ammo. All the companies provide great gear and I hope your able to see the work we have put into that in our effort to say thank you for getting us off the ground! We, I really do appreciate your support! Our journey has just begun and we look forward to getting The Mag Feeder into your hands!

Also note all product, order, ad general support questions and concerns should be directed to in order to better get support.

the mag feeder packaged to ship


the mag feeder shipping out


2nd Ammendment magazine loader manufacturing pre-order ship date The Mag Feeder timeline

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