12 Round Mag for Sig P365/XL

12 Round Mag for Sig P365/XL


Extended 12-round steel magazine for the P365, P365X, and P365XL micro-compact pistols.

The 12-Round magazine also ships with an additional baseplate that can be easily installed in order to fit the P365XL.

The 12-Round magazine will be a flush fit in the P365X, P365XL, and extended in the P365.

Note: Images may differ slightly from the actual product. Sig Sauer's high-quality magazines are sourced from multiple manufacturers and are then made to their exact specifications, because of this there may be slight differences in stamping and finish color.

We do not have the means to verify if you are in a law enforcement position, and would legally be allowed to own this magazine in those states with magazine restrictions. If you live in such a state, you will not be able to buy this product from us. Do not send us your credentials. Sorry.